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Brainscan Upgrade

Being the first manufacturer to provide a product like the Brain® with its own communication hardware (BrainScan®) has had it advantages, proactive monitoring, building reporting and notifications were just a starting point for Armstrong International.

Armstrong has completed a review and upgrade of the BrainScan® communication hardware which includes the following:

1.    Taking a reading and saving to its memory every 5 minutes versus every 15 minutes.
2.    Saved information is now segregated by the month and allows for downloading of information by each month versus downloading all of the information.  Changing of filing format to CSV the memory now holds 10 times more information and takes less memory.
3.    The BrainScan® now can alert the end user if the hot water feed drops below the Digital Mixing Valves setpoint using the buildings server.
Item number 3 is absolutely astonishing, a Digital Mixing Valve package that alerts a customer when the hot water feed drops below the mixing valves setpoint, certainly elevates the value to the package without having to have additional data points added to the Building Automation System.  

The Brain® comes with a standard Five Year all Component Warranty versus the industry standard on 1 year.  The Brain® lets you know if there is a problem through self-diagnostic programming and you are able to see the outgoing temperature on the display updated every 2 seconds.

Below is a snapshot from a system that is close to 5 years into service, has never been serviced with exception to upgrading the BrainScan® remotely from Florida, the system is in California.  4600 readings in a 16 day period, three bumps in the mixed outlet (124-126) regardless of the time the temperature stays on point.  

If your system is struggling with temperature control, contact us today; Affiliated Steam and Armstrong have a solution.

10/23/2014 | 3719 Views