Legionella Risk

Hot Water System Solutions To Help Healthcare Satisfy The CMS Directive On Legionella Risk – and Prove It

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Video News Releases

  • Is your steam temperature too hot or too cold?

    FPX by QMax is specifically designed to slow down the heat transfer from the steam tube and prevent overheating. Take a look at this video!

  • Digital Hot Water Innovation - The Brain

    Learn more about the new generation of The Brain® DRV80 and DRV40

  • Quick Ship Heating and Cooling Coil Replacement

    When heating or cooling coils fail your entire process comes to a halt costing you money. Affiliated Steam and Hot Water can replace your Heating and Cooling Coils in under 48 hours.

  • Emergency Heat Exchanger Replacement

    Heat exchanger tube bundle replacement from the original equipment manufacturer can be costly and have an unfortunately long lead time.

  • 48-Hour Control Valve Replacement

    Control valves are an important component in any process application but when they fail it means costly downtime for the end-user

  • Bar Code System Improves Customer Service

    When you are the Midwest’s largest distributor of steam and hot water products the pressure is on to deliver a customer’s order accurately and on time.


  • Basic Armstrong Steam Trap Demo

    See the difference in operation between thermostatic bi-metal trap and inverted bucket trap.

  • How To Trouble Shoot A Spence Pressure Reducing Valve

    Learn How To Trouble Shoot A Spence Pressure Reducing Valve. Tips and Tricks to allow you to trouble shoot your Spence Pressure Reducing Valve.

  • Ashcroft DG25 Digital Pressure Gauge

    The sophisticated alternative to a 2.5" dial mechanical gauge when greater accuracy, easier readability and higher resolution are required.

  • How to Pipe a Pressure Gauge in a Steam System

    Video demonstrates a few key objects to buy when you are using a pressure gauge.

  • How to Prevent Boiler Feed Pump Failure

    How to prevent boiler feed pump failure using a proper check valve.

  • ProSonix Steam Injection Heating Solutions

    ProSonix steam injection heating solutions helps customers solve fluid heating challenges.

  • ProSonix I-Series Steam Injection Heater with Internally Modulated Steam Control

    Steam Injection heating with internally modulated steam control meters the mass flow of steam through a variable-area steam diffuser.

  • How to Test an Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

    Learn why it's important to properly test an inverted bucket steam trap.

  • How to Test a Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

    Learn how to properly test a float & thermostatic steam trap and why it's important.

  • How to Change a Two Bolt Universal Steam Trap

    Step by step demonstration shows how to change a two bolt universal steam trap.

  • How to Select an Armstrong Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

    Learn more about Armstrong inverted bucket steam traps and how to select the right one for your needs.

  • How to Repair an ASCO Solenoid Valve

    Learn how to repair an ASCO solenoid valve with this step by step video.

  • How to do a Steam Trap Survey

    Learn how to test steam traps.

  • How to Rebuild an Armstrong Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

    Learn how to rebuild an Armstrong inverted bucket steam trap.

  • Disc Trap Operation

    Operation of an Armstrong disc trap.

  • Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap Tutorial

    Description of the operation of an Armstrong float & thermostatic steam trap.

  • Mechanical Pump Trap Operation

    Demonstration and operation of an Armstrong mechanical pump trap.

  • Thermostatic Steam Trap

    Operation of an Armstrong thermostatic steam trap.

  • Water Hammer Tutorial

    Demonstration of differential water hammer through glass piping.

  • Thermostatic Steam Trap - Quick View

    Operation of an Armstrong thermostatic steam trap.

  • Inverted Bucket Steam Trap - Tutorial

    Operation and description of an Armstrong inverted bucket steam trap.

  • Inverted Bucket Steam Trap - Quick View

    Operation of an Armstrong inverted bucket steam trap.

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