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Archdiocese of Chicago’s Energy-Saving Plan

1/9/2018 | 1095 Views | 0 Comments

Strategy aims to not only save energy, but also be the country’s first archdiocese to benchmark results through the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager. Chances are if you were born within shouting distance of the... Read More

Insights into Calculating Boiler Efficiencies

9/22/2016 | 1911 Views | 0 Comments

Prospective industrial boiler buyers should question what a boiler’s stated efficiency values are based upon in order to accurately compare products. Efficiency is the name of the game today, and the boiler wo... Read More

F & T Steam Trap Lessons

8/11/2016 | 2142 Views | 0 Comments

1) The Only Time You Need F&T Traps Is When You Have A Condensate Pump Or Dry Return Lines. F&T traps keep steam from passing by. They are normally closed automatic valves that work like ballcocks. Whe... Read More

What makes a steam boiler fail?

7/21/2016 | 2404 Views | 0 Comments

I started my career in the heating industry in 1970, when I was 20 years old. I was fresh out of college and my number in the Draft Lottery that year was 355. My father was in the business, so it seemed like the right th... Read More

Science Invents a better way to Boil Water

6/16/2016 | 2352 Views | 0 Comments

Sometimes the objective of boiling water isn’t to get hot water. You might boil it to create steam, say, to turn a turbine and create power. A lot of heat might get wasted doing that boiling. But a new method for hea... Read More

How do you pick a Flowmeter?

6/8/2016 | 2116 Views | 0 Comments

Picking a flowmeter takes both knowledge of the types of meters available and the kind of empirically derived knowledge that comes from experience. If you are like most people, you first think about the types of meters, ... Read More

Steam Velocity

6/2/2016 | 2311 Views | 0 Comments

One of the things I had to get through my thick skull when I was young and learning about steam heat was that raising the pressuretrol setting wasn't going to get the building hotter any faster. Cranking up that control ... Read More

4 Common Solenoid Valve Problems

5/11/2016 | 2386 Views | 0 Comments

A solenoid valve is a device used to control the flow of liquid or gas in a system. It is usually powered by electromagnetic energy in a coil. These valves are useful in converting electrical energy into mechanical energ... Read More

Dealing with Mercury in an Old Heating System

4/6/2016 | 2026 Views | 0 Comments

On my lifelong journey toward understanding the peculiar ins and outs of older American heating systems, I've made some mistakes. Particularly when I was living in The Age of Ignorance. Thankfully, none managed to settle... Read More

Reasons why the water is bouncing in the gauge glass and where to look for solutions

3/17/2016 | 2148 Views | 0 Comments

The boiler is priming or foaming. Priming is the violent bouncing of the water. Foaming happens when bubbles form on the surface of the water. Foaming follows priming, and while priming is bad, foaming is worse. Fo... Read More